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« il: 20.06.2008, 07:55:23 »
ciao a tutti, ho sento ma non parlo italiano  :P
I am from Spain, and i am fan since i discovered Ice Mc back in the 90's... When i discovered "think about the way" and "it's a rainy day" i thought this girl's got the most beautiful voice i have ever heard... Then I start beeing fan...
When her secon album went out, she came to Spain for promo , and I saw her at the radio station "los 40 principales" where i won an entrance for a private show...
Since then, I am always looking for news from her. Unfortunatly for me her italian album are hard to have here...
This summer I'll spend some days in Italy for my best friend wedding so I hope i can find the new album and some singles that I can't find easily on internet...
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